Tuesday, 30 October 2007

I've been AWOL...

I'm back.....

Been out at Hodgson for the last couple of days hellping work cattle through the yards, 783 head in total, so that will be the last lot for the year. Lancen had a go at doing the NLIS wand this time and I got on the slide gate (duh, just realised why my arm and shoulder are aching today)!

Some of the Girls.

Phillip cross-branding the cows.

When we finished we had to turn the cattle out into the paddock, which was a fair walk away, especially with baby calves. So the men were on horses and I followed in the Toyota with the horsefloat on the back. Guess what my job was?

Kristy's day-care. I had to follow behind and pick up the little calves as they tired.

Aren't they cute. Jay hasn't ridden for almost 2 years, but got a chance to help turn out yesterday on Joe one of our horses. I think his legs are feeling it today. It was a very hot day.


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