Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Oh my god!

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday, we have been concentrating on
getting schoolwork done today and my fingers have been itching to get into
it. Wow how exciting.

And you wouldn't believe what else came in the mail yesterday.

Some more embossing dies for my Cuttlebug.

I'm in heaven!



OH WOW! I love those Cuttlebug plates!....I love my bug (named Kermit) but haven't seen those plates before....hmmmmm might have to go shopping!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, wow a cattle station, if only I wasnt married Id ask about the I have a cuttlebug too but I havent named mine like Bubbles will have to do that. Love the embossing folders, might have to get me some.

Alison :)

Kim said...

Woohooo Kristy!!! How fun!!!