Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Oh the pressure!

Have had quite a few comments from family and friends today on the blog.
The comment was made that they'd go on tongiht to check it again. So the
pressure is on.

Had root canal treatment on a tooth today and was in there for nearly 2 hrs.
The needle has worn off and is really starting to ache. Neurofen here I come!

Jay has been flat out doing school work. He's pretty good with it all, but it still
is a battle to keep his mind on it. So today, I know I know terrible I Know!

Yes, I told him that if he gets the maths book he's on now and another one done by
Friday afternoon I will buy him a BMX bike (I didn't tell him it will be a cheap
one). This amount of work would normally take him nearly 2 weeks, so if he
does it it will be well worth it. He has had his heart set on one for some time
and I figured it will kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak! Firstly it will get
a lot of work done in a short amount of time without me having to nag to get
it done and secondly he is slightly pudgy at the moment (don't tell him I told
you that)! and I think he will exercise a lot more, doing jumps etc. Plus I'll be
able to fit it in the back of the wagon and he can take it to Hodgson.
So that's the plan, it will be interesting to see if he's up to the challenge.
He has been working like a demon all afternoon. LOL

Jay was on "Sunrise" in August when Monique did the weather from Katherine

School of the Air. Here's a photo of them looking at his assignment.

Anyway I'm off to take some more drugs and heading to bed. My head is starting

to pound with this tooth!

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Doc said...

Hi from us all here at Rock Vegas, Glad to hear you are not bending under the pressure, cards look great, hope the tooth gets better, not too sure about the bribery though, someone down here whose name starts with T. will be onto you so lookout!!!!! Cheers, Doc and Co.