Friday, 23 November 2007

Getting Close!

Well Christmas is getting closer by the minute, we were heading
across to Karumba, but now the house is "due" then we decided
we would be pushing it. I was looking forward to seeing everyone,
but not the 2 days drive to get there and then the 2 days drive to
get back. We decided in between shifting for the few days over
Christmas we would take the boys up to Darwin and take the
boat and explore. It will be strange not having to cook on
Christmas Day. (nice).
Jay really has only next week left to complete his schoolwork,
so that's what we have busily been doing, and next week will
be a mad rush to get it all finished off. The week after that
is swim week, were all the kids from off the stations and
everywhere else that do school of the air come in to Katherine.
In the mornings they do swimming and in the arv's they do
arranged activities like roller skating, a movie, practise their
play for presentation night etc. Jay is getting so excited that
he'll be able to catch up with all of his friends.
I have photo's of my latest cards and some from what
we made at my first cardmaking workshop. So keep
checking back and I'll load them as I get time.

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