Friday, 18 July 2008

Don't look if you don't like hunting!

My boy's are right into their shooting at the moment, and it is always a competition
of who can get the biggest. Feral animal are a huge problem on this place, like pigs,
bulls, buffalo and sorry to say donkies. They smash fences and make a huge mess
at watering holes.
Anyway as I was saying there is always a competition on between my 2 boys in who
can get the largest, and after this pig a couple of nights ago Todd is definatly in the lead, now Jay is spending many days on the look out trying to get a bigger one!
Here is a few of their photo's from the last couple of months. My apologies if this
offends anyone, but it is just a part of life in the bush, and if you don't like it just skim past.

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Mel said...

None taken...I used to work in the sheds (contract team) I miss it all so much.