Saturday, 26 July 2008

Katherine Gorge trip......

I am having
so much trouble
loading photo's at
the moment.
I would love to do
a course or is there
any easy site with
easy to follow instructions
on how to do stuff?
For instance how does Kristina Werner
get all of the winning cards in a
group of 10 like that?

I did try, but didn't succeed, so the photo's are all over....
The photo on the left is Fi and Paul

visiting from Weipa in Far North Qld on the right is Todd my eldest and one of their best friends from Karumba in the Gulf of Qld, Macca Fleming.

On the left, all the crew are sitting having a break after we hiked up the hill for a look at the rock paintings, And on the right we have the Gunne Family from Karumba (except Robbie's missing in action). We had a really relaxing day cruising the Gorge, but I have to say, personally we have a lot of areas on Hodgson that are just as beutiful, maybe more so. (and no tourists) John didn't join us as just too busy (and he hates anything touristy) .
I missed him not being there, but we all had a really great day. That night we all had a lovely meal out and a drink LOL (not being allowed to drink at Hodgson, it only takes one drink to get me smashed these days)

"The Girls" (the terrible trio, John reckons)


Tess said...

Gorgeous photos. I would love to visit that beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

Miss you heaps & heaps Kristy!
Thankyou for such a wonderful holiday!
Can't wait for the next trip!
Luv fi