Monday, 14 July 2008

What's been happening.

Well for a start, I'll have to post some of the cards, I've made lately.
These have been few and far between due to work commitments, visitors
and being away for school camps etc.
After reading a few blogs this week (with my new internet connection) I have
been itching to get into getting some more cards made.
So check back over the next couple of days for heaps of photos and news.
It's been such a busy year for us. We have had up to 6 different contractors
here, (fencers, dozers, graders, tank builders etc) on top of that our day to
day with 13 to 15 employees, mustering, fencing and all of that, on top of that
it has been a continuous amount of "visitors" for work, which I have to feed,
and usually make up beds for and then wash sheets, etc, etc, you get the idea.
John had one day off while our visitors where here (for 2 weeks) and we went
up to Minimere for the day, so I've got some great photo's to post for that.
We had a directors visit, which was a lot of work to the lead up, but was over
in about 4 hrs. But was good to meet everyone and went well.
It's great to be in the house and I've got a tiny patch of grass growing amongst
all the red dirt and dust, also go a small vegie patch going. Still whinging for
a chook pen, might be a good job for my father when he comes to visit!
Anyway got to go for now, but like I say keep an eye out as I will be posting
some pictures as I get a chance.
Kristy XOXO

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