Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Baby Announcements

My sister and I made these in April when she was visiting. She didn't know what
she was having so we had to make something that was for both sex's. She
wanted to have them all ready to put in a photo and the info as soon as she had
the baby (well maybe it was a few days later) to let everyone know.

I whipped one up for her as an eg, then left her to it. Just Joking?
I did a heap of cutting out for her and put the little circle things together ready.
Then over the next couple of days she made them all up, I can't remember
how many exactly, I think it was about 50......

She bought some flat magnets to put on the back of them, so the recipients
could put them on the fridge. We made them so they could be posted in
the long skinny envelopes.

Great aren't they!

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