Wednesday, 15 October 2008


I'm on crutches at the moment. Silly me was carrying a big box of groceries down
the steps of the shop in the community, which are quite steep and dangerous at
the best of times, when over I went! Some little gem had dropped a full ice-cream
on the steps and just left it there and because I was carrying the box, I didn't see
it, so down I went. Like a bag of ......potatoes! My left leg stayed behind me and my
foot twisted up under me. It's either pulled muscles or a hairline fracture, so fun
and games on crutches.
I took Todd and Jamie up to Darwin to catch the plane back out to Rockhampton
on Friday and had of course a list of jobs to complete for John and the station.
We went and had Thai for tea and then went and saw My Best Friends Girl at the
movies - It is so funny (a bit crude in places) but I could not stop laughing!

Lyn and I stayed an extra night, so it was lovely to go for a shop in the
morning and then lay beside the pool with a cocktail in the afternoon, and met up with a friend for tea, (I had MudCrab Lasagne...YUM!) it was so relaxing and so
what I needed, instead of dropping my boy off at the airport and driving the 61/2
hrs home.

We went out to Bella Glen late Thursday afternoon to have a swim and give Lyn
a look as she hadn't been there. Here's Jay hamming it up for the camera! Climbing the tree to jump in the water. I know it's a shock, but here's Todd trying to push Jay in. (doesn't sound like my boys!)Jay got rope burn the first time he tried it last year, here he's working up the courage to do it again. He did it easy!


Natasha said...

I love Bella Glen!!! The time I went out there though I didn't have my camera with me :-(
I won't be coming out your way in a work capacity anymore.... I resigned a couple of weeks ago but am now working for the Government (similar position). Maybe I'll have to come out for a social visit?!

Natasha said...
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Natasha said...
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Natasha said...

Triple posted - sorry! Was getting impatient with my SLOW computer.
Let me know next time you come into town too!

Jean said...

Kristy, Thank you for the comments on my blog. Regarding your little text box, it just automatically was in that position on mine when I downloaded the background. Maybe retry or pick another background and see if it happens again. In settings you get the option of the borders around the pics etc. Can't remember exactly how I did it now but just fiddle with your settings and layout. I will keep your blog candy in mind - time is at a premium these days!! There is such beautiful scenery etc where you live but I wouldnt be swimming LOL!!