Monday, 27 October 2008

Up in the air we go......

The shed builders bought a scissor lift out (I think they also call them cherry pickers) out to help put up the new shed, when Blue offered to take us up for
a photo op we jumped at the chance.

Here is Lyn the governess, Blue the shed contractor and Jay.
Here is our house.

On the left is my office, which Murray is also at the moment occupying for
accommodation. On the right you have the schoolroom, store room and ladies
bathroom and on the back of the building is the laundry and the men's bathroom.
Here we have in the background is Lancen's soon to be new house, it still needs a bit of work but shouldn't be too much longer and in the foreground is Lancen's donga which Murray will move into when Lancen move's into his house.

On the right you have the men's quarters, the one on the left is the one we
have had for a while, the one on the right has just been put in along with the
building behind that which is an ablution block. Over beyond that is the generator shed.

You can see our shadow on the scissor lift.

Our new shedAn overall picture. Cabin on the left is just being put in, it will be visitors quarters.
Then office, school building etc., Lyn's cabin, Lancen's hous, Lancen's cabin and
men's quarters. Over behind the office is where the contractors are camping at
the moment.

Jay up in the clouds

Lyn's cabin and behind that the tank and the horse yards and saddle shed.

It was amazing what we could see up there and it gives such a good idea from
that height where everything is.


Emma said...

WOW your own little community is getting bigger! What a change in just a few months. Looks good.

scissor said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow Kristy,
we do really take a lot for granted! Ur property looks wonderfull from the air..... here we r complaning we have no water BUT it's not as dry as ur place!
I haven't got my own blog yet BUt will do something about it soon.
Keep up the good work...... luv ur posts.
Cheers Chezza