Thursday, 11 December 2008

Some holiday shots...

Here is some shots from
holidays. We are staying
at Dundee Beach for a
couple of weeks break
at the moment.

John has been going out
everyday, but I must
admit I've been quite
happy just to read.

Jay and I went out for
the day with John
yesterday and we
caught about 30
different fish, but
threw them back and kept 2. This is one, this is called
a parrot fish and they are beautiful eating.

This is a Queen fish. (for a queen!)
sorry shouldn't drink vodka and blog at the same time. ROFLOL!

Excuse my beautiful fishing outfit. It is for comfort and sun protection. LOL. Lucky you can't see up real close and see all of the beautiful white sunscreen as well.....

We're heading up to Darwin tommorrow for the day as we promised Jay a day for
his birthday. We are grabbing a few things and doing a movie.

Talking about movies, we watched Australia on Saturday and it was great.
It is really worth seeing, my husband was a bit annoyed at a couple of the
cattle scenes, as they were a bit beyond beleif but I thought it was great.
Some people thought it was a bit long, but I didn't seem to think so as it
was so full on the whole time that it didn't feel that long.

Anyway if you are thinking of seeing it, definatly watch it on the big
screen as it wouldn't be as good on DVD.



Donna said...

Oh my goodness it looks like you are having a ball! I wish I were there, it looks nice and warm! Merry Christmas Kristy...!

Mel Hanlon said...

Kristy, I nominated you for an award over at my blog!

Mel said...

Hi Kristy, I've just dicovered your blog and been having a great time looking around. Love the bull catching video's

Jean said...

Hi Kristy, It must have been great catching that big fish!! Glad you enjoyed Australia. I really want to see it and know that there would be some exaggerated footage in it to us!!


splendid said...