Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A bit of an update.

Well I was going to do this before I submitted Mel's challenge, but I was
worried it would not upload in time.

We have been going through our wet up here with storms most days.
We thought it would be catch up time for some things, but we seem to
be as busy as usual, doing odd jobs like cementing and mowing and
fence building etc, and the account work NEVER stops.

The days it is raining John spends climbing the walls. I keep saying I
am going to put sponges on his hands so he can clean them while he
does it. But jokes aside we have been busier then we thought we would
be. The creeks have been up and down and the community has been
getting cut off from us for sometimes up to 2 weeks. I got to admit
except John being around 24/7 (sorry honey I do love you), this is
my favourite time of the year.

I got quite a few cards made while I was at Dundee, I had a friend come
and visit for a weekend and showed her how to do a few, I think she
left in love with the craft. I haven't been back to it since I did a
card for Mel and Makeesha's challenges last night.

Anyway my apologies to those who have been checking my blog on
a regular basis, one of my New Year resolutions is to try and upload
a card of Scrap book page on a daily basis!

So a happy new year to all and here's to happy stamping!