Thursday, 22 January 2009

There you go Keesh!

Well I made the comment to Makeesha that I could see those colours in the
Bronc Buster set, so the comment came back "I would love to see it!"
So then of course I had to make it! LOL!

Then I thought well I have all that housework I should be doing. It went
through my mind housework, cardmaking, housework, cardmaking.
You can guess which one won!

Anyway Keesh here is a quick card I came up with using the Bronc Buster set
and the Wanted set in your Challenge Colours.

Now back to housework, sniff...


Makeesha Byl said...

AND and absolute beauty too!!! LOVE IT! The colours work so well with this set. You have inspired me to pull it out for the second time this year and use it! LOL! Thanks for playing AGAIN, and you can get back to that housework now...hehehe! Love Keesh x

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