Monday, 23 March 2009

Chit Chat

I went to Katherine for the day yesterday, took Jay up to Residential
which is camp for the week for the School of the Air highschool kids.
They camp at the rural college and get up to all sorts of exciting stuff.
Jay was so excited he didn't even say goodbye. (that is till his mother
gave him a big kiss goodbye) awwww mum! LOL

Lyn (governess) went off on the bus up to Darwin and at this time
this morning should be sitting in Cairns, lucky bugger. Jay has finished his work
for the semester, so with school camp and having finished his school
work, Lyn gets an extra 2 weeks off.

So the groceries were shopped for and off I set for home. It's only a
3 hour drive, but after 3 hours there and running around doing jobs
all day and 3 hours home, then unpacking all of the groceries, it makes
for a very long day.

Anyway we are in for a very busy week. I have read on a couple of
blogs that demonstrators have been receiving their catalogues, I will
be waiting at the airstrip tomorrow with bated breath. Hopefully my
pre-ordered stamps will be there as well.

Hope everyone has a good day, talk to you tomorrow.


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