Saturday, 20 June 2009

Another week done and dusted...

Wow what a week!

Thank god it's finally over. We have been full on mustering this week.
We had 42 decks of cattle arrive that we purchased, and because of the
rest of the staff doing training, John, Murray, Jay, myself and 2 other
fellas were the only ones left to unload, read and crossbrand. What a
day. Usually this is done by about 12 fella's so it was a long and tedious
one. I was on the NLIS (National Livestock Identification Services ?I think
it's services) reader, reading their ear tags, on the slide gate and pushing
them up the crush. But I gotta admit most days I do in the yards now
are usually 1/2 days when we are branding.
We were in the yard from 5.30 in the morning until 6 at night, and I
was exhausted! I found muscles I didn't know I had. And when those
cows charge, I just can't get up those rails like I used to. LOL

Here's a couple of pics from the week.

Lancen Joshua in the lead while we turn out.

This is the next day, we mustered a couple of paddocks of cows and heifers
that we sold for an export ship going to Indonesia. This is the chopper at work.

This is the chopper landing to fuel up.

I just had to put this photo in. Lyn and I were watching them bring the cows through the gate along the road and this calf got through the wire onto the wrong side of the fence. The men didn't realise and kept trying to chase the cow back into the mob, and she was having none of it, there was no way she was leaving without her calf. The calf finally scrambled through the fence and off they trotted back to the rest of the mob.

It was a real Ohhhh moment! What a great mum.

So anyway the trucks finally headed off with the sale cattle a couple of hours ago. John's headed off to check on some weaners, Jay's practising his guitar and I thought I should catch up on my blog. I've had no time to stamp, but do have a couple of cards I made a week or so ago that I am yet to post, so will get them up over the next few days.

Have had to cook for heaps of people over the last couple of weeks, don't you just get tired of it, especially when you work all day then have to come home and cook for strangers. All lovely people and no trouble, just sometimes you like to come home and just be able to veg, have a shower and put your jarmies on if you feel like it, or just cook something really simple.

Tonight will be the first time we will have the house to ourselves in a long time and I'm thinking.....Suimin! No I couldn't do that to my family LOL, I have some yummy jew fish defrosted. Mmmmmm, anyway better head off and try to do something with it.


luv, Kristy

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