Tuesday, 6 April 2010

War On Debt Challenge

OK here are some more. It is quite hard cause a lot of the things on the Simple Savings site I use now without even thinking of it, so I thought I would use a couple of them as my challenges even though I have been using them for awhile.

22. Break dishwasher tablets in half - really does not make a difference - still washes exactly the same.

23. Use 1/2 a scoop in the washing machine instead of a full one. On SS they only use a tablespoon and if I lived in town I would too, but out hereI still have to use a bit more as we get dirty................

24. Cancelled my email subscriptions to Kmart, Target, etc. catalogues as sometimes it is too hard to say no to some "things" I think I "need" when I see them. So don't get the catalogues - don't know about them!

25. Buying my washpowder by the bucket as so much cheaper. I buy it from places like Elders, or Landmark, but I have seen really good prices in Big W.

Only 6 more days of challenge to go.

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