Friday, 7 January 2011

New Years Resolutions and Goals

Every year I try to make a few
New Year Resolutions.

Last year I just about completed all.

1. The lose weight and be healthier is on
this years list again and probably will be
for the rest of my life.

I wanted to do some study last year and have almost
completed my Diploma in Front Line Management,
only 3 more units to do on that.

Then I have to think of a new course for this year,
still thinking on that, I think I would also like
to 2. learn a language, and I know Fi will be yelling
out "learn Japanese", but I feel, on my own it
would be pretty hard. Both of my boys did
Indonesian through Distance Ed and I still
have all of their books here, so I might give
that a go.

3. Each year I like to learn a new craft.
Last year I learned to crochet, and I can
only still basic crochet (single and double stitch)
and am still going to learn some more when
my teacher gets back (hello Sheryl) and I
told Nana she needs to show me some when
we visit in a couple of weeks (my Nana does
beautiful crochet), so I am looking forward
to doing that with her. So I think this year
when I finally learn how to do a Granny
Square, I would like to make a quilt.

Now for the new craft for this year, I am
still thinking on that, I have no idea yet
but will come back and add it as I think of it.

4. Open an Etsy shop - I think I want to do this, I'm not sure yet, I have been really
enjoying getting back into my sewing and crafting and know I would have a huge
range of stuff I could sell. With the distance I would have to travel to do a market
it all gets a bit hard, so this might be an option. My only problem here is is no
Post Office and it is such a pain to mail stuff that can't go in a pre-paid bag, and
I know once the season starts with mustering and training, personal time is almost
zilch, so the question I ask myself is I start this am I going to have the time to do it, so
like I say it is just a thought at the moment! Any of you Etsy sellers out there
do you have any Yay's or Nay's or suggestions on this?

5. By end of year have 100 or more followers.

6. By end of year monetize my blog with sponsors - not really to make a million, but rather just to get some new craft supplies, cause like I keep telling my husband "you just can't have enough craft supplies". This is another that I have no idea about so if anyone has any ideas/recommendations on how to go about this, I am all ears! Or anyone who would love to be
a sponsor please let me know.

7. Take better pictures!! And remember to actually take the darn pictures when I'm done with whatever I just made!! Or when something has just happened and after you think "that would have made a great photo", I need to not worry about annoying people and get of my you know what and take photos all the time. And I think I will add to this one is to learn to edit them in
Photoshop and also to be able to make them all fancy dandy......
My sister gave me a crash course and I mean a crash course, when she was here in
November and it literally went in one ear and out the other I think, I still have no
clue. I said to her at the time I should be writing this down and her reply was "it's
so easy you'll be right" all I can say is "Yeah right". So I will add that to the list.

8. Write more posts. It's not hard! I just need to get on for 5 mins each day and do it!
Just do it Kristy!!!!!!!

9. Start my Christmas gift crafting in January. And really do it this time. I would *love* for next December NOT to be a repeat of this year! I think I need to start making my Christmas cards and gift tags now as well (hang my head in shame as I did none at all this year).

10. Do up a budget and actually stick to it!

11. Type up my own recipe book. Actually started this a couple of years ago, just need
to get it finished. This will be tried and true recipes that I use all of the time.
Family and friends often ask for a copy of certain recipes and I also thought this would
be a great gift for my boys as they are heading out on their own.

Not really resolutions, more goals -

12. Add a couple of more buildings to the block at Dundee.

13. Go on another great holiday. Not sure this year, but thinking
maybe just chilling in Bali for a week or so or doing a couple of weeks
around the Whitsundays. I would like to go to Vietnam for a look, but
I'm pretty sure my chances of getting John to go with me there is 0 to none!

14. Make time for special gifts. Little “just because” gifts. So this year I want to devote more of my time to reminding the people in my life how much they mean to me, whether it’s through a hand-written letter, phone call, little gift or if near by just a big hug.

15. This one is definitely a resolution - Spend more time at home and
do more family stuff. Less hours in the office!

Give more time to the people who appreciate it the most, including oneself!
Work is not the be all and end all of a persons life!

That's all I can think of at the moment and I know things change
throughout the year, but I work better with a list and I am sure there
will be others to add, but I would just like to wish everyone a Happy
and Prosperous New Year, and remember make time for your family and
friends, cause they are what means the most in this world in the long run.

Kristy xo

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