Sunday, 15 May 2011

Now this makes me feel old...............

My oldest turns 18 today!

Todd Geddes born 18 years ago today.

3.30pm in Darwin Private Hospital

This is Todd now, this picture was taken about
5 weeks ago.

Todd is working at Barkley Downs Station on
the Barkley Tablelands in Qld.

He is really loving it and apparently he and his
mate are off to Cammooweal today for a
counter lunch and legal beer. I told him
he won't actually be legal until 3.30pm.

LOL I am so mean.....Do you think he
actually listened to me?

John and I are extremely proud of
him. He has grown into a
lovely, well mannered,
responsible young man.

This is the perfect time to post this picture.

We pulled up at this phone booth on the way home
from Darwin at a little place called Acacia, which
used to have a service station, and is in the middle
of nowhere. It no longer has the service station
but the phone booth is still there.

We got Todd out and said we wanted a photo,
which Todd couldn't understand and thought
                                          we were quite weird, specially when his Father told
him I wanted a photo with my boys beside a phone
booth all around the Northern Territory!
You can see the look on his face. WTF!

I call this the Geddes frown.......

The true story......

18 years ago today I was heading from Tipperary Stn
up to Darwin as I had started labour. Now I wasn't due for
another week yet and we were actually due in Darwin today
to pick my mother up off the plane.

So Todd decided it was time to come and we had to try
and get a hold of my mother to let her know we
would not be at the airport and she would have to get a
taxi to the hospital instead.

That's were the phone booth comes in.

We did not have a mobile phone in those days so we
stopped at this booth to ring my grandfather (hello Ken)
to try and get a message to my mum. 1/2 way through
a conversation I had to stop talking.....

"Wait a minute Ken, Ohhhh Ohhhh ouuuuch ouch".

Ken - "What are you doing?"

Me - "Just having a contraction"

Ken - "What, where are you?"

Me- "At a phone booth on the side of the road
                                                                     on the way to Darwin."

Ken - "Get the f in the car and get to the hospital!!!!!!"

My grandfather never swears!

So that's the story with the phone booth. lol

The airport contacted my mother on arrival, the plane
was late, some A..hole wouldn't let her to the front
of the queue for a taxi, so she missed his birth by
I think it was 10 minutes.

                                             John was there and that's another story hey John!
Let's just say it involved Coke and Mars Bars to
keep his sugar levels up.

Love you Todd.
Hope you have a great day.

Dad, Mum and Jay

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Emma said...

oh lol it makes me want to cry that he is 18!