Friday, 29 July 2011

We have moved!

And I tell you this picture wasn't too far off the mark.

Well I broke my foot a couple of weeks before we were
due to leave so that made things very interesting.
John's cousin Christine offered to come help me
and was a godsend, I don't think I would still be married
if it weren't for her!

We have had a bit of a seachange or more like
citychange!  We put a lot of thought into our
decision and just decided with the amount of
stress that was thrown at us from many directions
and the distance you needed to travel for any downtime
was just too much.  We knew that our health was
suffering and decided we didn't want to keep
going with that for the sake of money!

So we made the move! 
We are still on a station but only about 45km's
out of Darwin.  And only 1 1/2 hrs from
our block at Dundee Beach.

So we are settling in and making a new home.
John is full on as things are a bit run down
but is really enjoying it, as NO PRESSURE
at all.  Me - well I have been a bit
slack, I think the broken foot and the shift
and going from full time work with a lot thrown at you
 to none, has been a bit of a shock to the system, and
mentally it has really taken me some time to
get going again.  I am slowly getting the house
in order (being in plaster has made it hard) and
slowly working through the business course I am
doing but apart from a card swap have really been
slack on the crafting front, but in the last few days have
been finding stuff out of boxes and ready to get into it

So that's the latest so far will try and keep things
more up to date and start blogging a bit more, when
my intermittant internet will let me on!

Hope everyone has a great weekend we are in for a long
weekend here as Picnic day holiday on Monday :-)

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