Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Catching Crocs

                                      Koolpinyah has a permit to catch crocodiles that are a
nuisance to cattle.  These crocs are relocated to Crocodilus Park
in Darwin.  If they are suitable they are used for breeding, if not
they are used for meat and skins.

About the 3rd week that we started here this croc was caught in a tiny little dam.

The photos aren't great as I had a plaster on and was on crutches, then my battery ran out.

The photo above are the men ontop of the cage. The men pull the nose up and tape it shut.
The crocodile is then dragged a little bit out of the trap and kept pinned with the gate. 
Remember it's nose is taped shut and it also has a rope around it's nose as well.
They then tape a hessian bag over the crocs eyes, apparently if the croc can't see
it settles right down.
The croc is then pulled the remainder of the way out and it's legs tied.  It is then put on
the back of a truck and taken off to the the croc farm where it is weighed and measured.
This croc was just under 4 metres, but the tip was missing off the end of it's tail
so they said it would have easily been 4 metres.

There was actually a shot of me on the croc taken, so when I get it I'll post it.

Hope everyone has a great day.


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Kate said...

Oh my goodness!! We are croc obsessed at the moment being visitors to the top end. It is one thing to see them in the parks & touristy attractions but another altogether to hear a real life farm story. Wow!

And feel free to use the wheel cover post. Thanks for asking.

Have a great day. It's gorgeous in Darwin, hope it is there too.