Friday, 23 September 2011


Soooo now I've introduced those of you who weren't aware of pinterest to it, here is the next step.

I was discussing with my sister the other day (who introduced me to pinterest) that we do a hell of a lot of pinning but not much of anything else.

So we decided to set a monthly challenge.  We originally thought fortnightly but the way our lives are so busy lately thought monthly better, than this gives us the option that if we have the time to do something else we will.

So that is my challenge to you! 

Message me with a link to what you have picked to make/do from your pinterest board this month, when it is completed email me a photo of the finished product.

MMmmmm (Kristy deep in thought here).  Will have a look through my boards and get back to you with what I have chosen :-)

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