Sunday, 2 October 2011

My Pinterest attempt..........................

Well here is my attempt.  It doesn't look as stunning as the eg. below, but John is pretty happy with
the taste!  Me I found it waaaayyyy to sweet, you only need a tiny square with a cup of coffee.
Over again I would halve the mint filling as it is very thick and as I say very sweet.

I wouldn't mind trying it again with their base, mine wasn't too bad but I found it to be a bit hard,
not sure if it's because my gas oven here will only cook on full bore or whether it's because what
I usually use it for has a fruit filling put on it and it's rebaked which softens it up again.

Here is the base I used:
1 pkt homebrand chocolate cake mix
1/2 cup coconut
4 tablespoons melted butter

Worth a try and will try again with a brownie or choc slice base.  Would be good with a coffee after dinner!

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