Friday, 25 April 2014


Well as you can see it has been quite some time since I have posted - 2 years and almost 3 months to be exact!!!!

Soooo much has happened in that time as you can imagine and yes my sister did have that baby......

A gorgous little boy whom she called Xander.  Of course he is now over 2 and is such a little character! All of my nieces and nephews living so far away is probably the hardest part of living in a different state as I miss so much of them growing up.

Above is one of my favorite photos of my sister and Xander.

And this photo is hilarious!

Emma rang me and told me how they had gone to visit friends and
how the kids had gone to feed the pet pigs!
Now Emma kept talking about the pig by name -
Xander went to feed Teacup, Teacup was hungry and started to run over to Xander
in excitement for his food.
As you can see Xander got a bit of a fright and took off and Teacup
ran after him.
Now when you listen to a story where the pig is called
Teacup, you naturally picture a miniature pig, of which they call
Teacup pigs.  And as an aunt of course I was
amused by the story.
Then Emma sent the photo through!!!!
Hilarious - poor little bugger no wonder he was scared -
This is definitely NO TEACUP!

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