Sunday, 21 October 2007

Another one.

I'm doing this in segments so if I accidentally delete it I don't have to do the lot again.

The TO's (traditional owners) were having their initiation ceremonies on the weekend and invited us to watch. It was pretty interesting. We only saw the beginning as ladies had to leave after a certain time. What it is is when the boys that are about 11, 12 are turned into men. (in other words circumcise them!) The boys are wrapped in sheets and laid on the ground in a row. They are danced and sung around all night then in the morning the deed is done. No drugs to help or anything. (bugger that) had John crossing his legs thinking of the pain. Apparently later on the doctor comes down and checks them. One old fella who was doing the cutting had glasses about 3 inches thick and when you handed him a cup of coffee his hands shook like you wouldn't believe! STUFF THAT! LOL!

Here is a photo of some of the dances, they are not great as the camera seemed to have been playing up with night shots.

I am not sure if I explained before, but John and I work for the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC for short). They have leased Hodgson Downs off the Traditional Owners (TO's) the Alawa People. They have employed us to get the station up and running from scratch, part of the lease agreement is employing and training the local people. So we have a big job ahead of us. It is unreal what John has got done in 6 months, with new fences, over 2500 head of cattle already, dams and the list goes on. Everytime I go out there I am amazed at what has been done since we were last there.

Here is a photo of some onlookers, mainly woman as most of the men were involved in the ceremonies.

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Todd said...

awww circumcized at that age???? bloody hell...... lancen told me all about when he had 2 do it when i was there