Sunday, 21 October 2007

Missed a day!

This is the third time I have tried to do this post. Every time I add the picture it deletes the writing. Last time.

I didn't blog yesterday as John came home Friday night and as we don't see him much anymore we thought we'd have a family day. All we did was watch movies, but with John being so buggered and the weather so hot, in the air-conditioning doing this was the place to be, I think it was just what he needed. He went back just after lunch today, so I thought I'd get on and do a post. I didn't post any new cards yesterday as explained and now John has taken the camera. I have 8 new ones to put on, so will try scanning some tonight and see how I go.

My last blog had a big gap at the bottom so if anyone knows how I can get rid of this that would be great!

I thought I would post a photo I took from the air the other day which shows the homestead site at the moment (not a lot), but gives you a bit of an idea what is there. There is 3 cabins, one is Johns, one is the Assistant Managers and one is the office, then the long building is the ablution block, which has a bathroom, laundry and store room. We have built an extra bathroom onto the back of it. Since the photo was taken another 5 bedroom men's quarters has been put in. The shed will go on the far right hopefully next month, and the house will go in somewhere on the top right, hopefully if it doesn't rain in the first week of December! Fingers crossed!!! and toes!!! As you can see there is lots of red dirt at the moment, so we are hoping to topsoil that and put grass seed in after the first lot of rain, and before the wet so it can get a go on.

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