Sunday, 28 October 2007

Come on girls, where are the cowboys?

I missed a couple of days, as we were in town most of Friday, and then
had John home Friday night and Saturday, so everything goes out of wack.

Where are the cowboys girls, mmmmmm can't you taste that blog candy?
Here is a couple to get the ball rolling, even though I can't win any :-(

These are a very basic Male Birthday cards for a couple of friends, I want

to find the time to have a bit more of a play with this stamp and try and

Jazz it up a bit.

This is one of my favourites. Card is made from corrugated card.

The stamp is a Lucy's stamp.

I have put string around the outside like rope.

I'll put a close-up of this card on later in the week.

So that's a start girls. I have 3 others in process.

I am heading out to Hodgson today as we have about 700 head

of heifers arriving late this arv and I have to read them off the

truck (NLIS). So won't be on again till probably Tuesday,

hopefully there will be a couple of cowby/western cards

to see from some other people.

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OH what a cute little Cowboy!