Sunday, 28 October 2007

Gift from Japan.

These goodies arrived in the mail yesterday from one of my best friends Fiona.
This is a belated birthday present of goodies Fiona picked up for me on her
holiday to Japan. Fiona and her husband Paul have just spent 3 weeks in
Japan (lucky buggers). Fiona is fluent in Japanese and spent some time as
an exchange student there while she was younger and then went on to
become an interpreter at some of the big hotels in Australia.

The card shown here is one of Fiona's beautiful photos. Fiona takes the most
beautiful landscape images and also does professional wedding shots. Fiona's
photo's can be bought as cards and also on canvases or if you would like she
can also arrange to have them framed for you. I have one of her canvases on
the wall in the lounge and I get a comments on it every time someone new
comes to visit!

Here is a photo of it. I'm afraid my picture taking does not do it justice.

Here's a close-up of a section of it. I'll have to get a site address off her, so if anyone is interested at looking at her

work, or purchasing some work you can.

1 comment:

Jenny H said...

You have a very talented friend her photos are beautiful. The presents are fab. How lucky is she to have been in Japan.