Friday, 23 November 2007

What has John been up to?

Well these photos are a couple of weeks old, but I finally
got them off the camera for John.

We got a couple of big dams in before the wet.
Not that they've had much out there yet)This is
the men getting a new trough and tank set up. The tank
gets filled using a solar pump. The pump works
using the sun's energy. I'm not quite sure what this photo was on there.I think John was taking a photo of the working attire of one of the men.
(We give up!) Maybe it's a photo of his pedicure! Not sure. Here is a photo of Lancen our "Assistant Manager"and one
of his boys, Junior.Talk about a chip off the old block!
John took this when he was backburning one night at the
end of October.

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