Saturday, 3 November 2007

Winners of the blog candy.

That's right winners! Since Jean and Mel are the only ones to give it a go then I think both of them should win a bit of candy. Good on you guys for having a go. I'll drop Mel's around in the next couple of days and Jean if you want to email me your address I'll get your's off in the mail. Hope you enjoy.

Last night I went around to Karen Robinsons for a Xmas card night. Karen showed us how to make 3 different cards. I had such a great night meeting a group of very talented ladies and learning things I hadn't learnt before. Thanks again for the invite Karen, it will be sad to see you leave Katherine. Karen's site is well worth a look and I'll post her link off to the side for anyone who wants a look. I'll check with Karen to see if it's all right first, then upload the cards we made for everyone to have a look at. Thanks for a great night!

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Karen Robinson said...

You're more than welcome Kristy! I'm glad you enjoyed the night and learn't something new too! Looking forward to our next Stampin session!