Saturday, 10 November 2007

I know, I know!

I'm in trouble. Everyone has been ringing and whinging that they keep checking my blog and I haven't posted anything for a week. Sorry everyone I have been so busy!
We as usual have been flat out trying to get school work done, but I have also been getting a bit of cooking done and CARD MAKING! I have been trying to stay away from the computer for a couple of days as was finding myself becoming addicted and everything else not getting done. Anyway I got an email from Karen re. her cards that we made at her workshop the other night, and she said I am welcome to show them, so look back tommorrow and they will be on there. I held my own workshop this week and we made mini albums, the girls had a great night and are keen to have another night this week as they are all trying to get things together for xmas. I'll post a copy of the album as well tommorrow. As I said I have been flat out making cards, and pretty pleased with how some of them turned out, I will post them as well tommorrow. (busy girl tommorrow). Am supposed to be going to Karens tommorrow afternoon for a stamp-get-together, her last before she leaves. I'm pretty excited, but heard on the grape vine she may have chicken pox, so will have to give her a call in the morning.
Been a bit of rain about. We had an inch or more last weekend here, and John had an inch on Tuesday at Hodgson, dried up a bit for the rest of the week, but tried really hard to rain here on Wednesday. Here is a photo I took of it coming down the road!

Then it went right around us. We got a light sprinkle out of it, but that was about it.

My little boy has been so clever this week. For English they are doing Myths and Legends. They have to pick a character and then do certain assignments around that character. One of them is doing a mask, which he has done and I'll take a picture (tommorrow LOL)! The other thing was do a board game. Jay picked King Neptune and for his board game, he did a memory game. Lucky for him his mother has Stampin' Up Fishy Friends, and these were perfect! He stamped them, coloured them, glued them to cardboard, stamped some blue paper with bubbles than glued that on the back. Next Fay at the school covered them in contact for him (payment was a plate of my patty cakes), he then cut them all out. We covered an old teabag box with blue paper, and put pictures etc. on the front. Have a look it's brilliant! Needless to say we had to play a few games before we dropped it at the school for marking.

Great isn't it. the Poseidon (King Neptune) image I printed off the internet. Anyway have had a busy day today. Will explain and upload photos in the morning ofwhat I did, so tune in tommorrow afternoon for an update............I promise! LOL

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