Thursday, 13 December 2007

I probably shouldn't show this...

But I will!
Gillian and I were having a joke on our way out to Edith falls about
hope there's no tourists in black ____ togs, if you know what
I mean. Anyway we had a good old giggle about it.
We were the only ones there when we got there and set ourselves up,
when bout 1/2 hr later a bus full of tourists pull up. Now they
all walked along and saw us and a group of 3 noisy kids and kept
walking around the path to the other area. All that is except
one guy, who proceeded to seat himself in the middle of us
and proceeded to undress down to his.............d___k togs. LOL!
Well we couldn't contain ourselves, and I'm not sure what he thought
we were laughing at. Then when he got out he stood behind a tree
that was only 1/2 the size of him to get changed. I don't think
he realised that the kids around the other side could see him
quite cleary, there conversation they were having went silent
straight away, and when I called out to them to come and have
a sausage sandwich, they couldn't stop giggling. I must admit
neither could Gillian and I.
She's evil that woman, she leads me astray.

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