Monday, 17 December 2007


We went up to Darwin on Friday for a
Christmas Party for TNH Contracting.
It was a really good night, and we couldn't
believe how many people we caught up with
that we haven't seen for about 11 years.
It was great to see every one.

Jay had a great day with Harry Josif,
swimming in the pool, and doing a few
boy things that I'm not really sure whether
to believe or not.
Saturday night we picked our eldest up off
the plane. Todd looks great! He has become
a bit of a gym junkie and I think John and I
were expecting him to be rolling in shoulder
and arm muscle the way he keeps telling us he's
doing this weight and that weight, but he wasn't.
He looks good!
The fighting started first thing next morning, and
hasn't stopped since! I think they are at their
happiest when they are niggling at each other.
John is started to grind his teeth and I breathed
a sigh of relief as they all drove off for Hodgson
this morning. I think there might be a few clashes
for the next couple of days then they won't be
game to fight if I know John.
And me.....
Well I am packing! Again!

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