Saturday, 5 January 2008

I saw the house.

Finally! John's not keen on it but I don't mind it.
Someone made the comment that whoever picked the
colours must have been drunk at the time. I'll have
to take photo's and send them to him when I have
my pictures up and furniture in, so he can see what
I had pictured in my head at the time. I am rapped
in the colours. Still needs a lot of work to finish,
as in power, water, pumps, hot water cementing around
steps etc, but should all be done in the next week
It has been constant rain here and I am having trouble
sleeping as worried we are not going to be able to get
the removalist out there. At this stage if we don't
get much at Hodgson over the next few days it should
get through just... So I have everything I can crossed.
The house is fairly spacey and our meager supply
of furniture is going to look pretty bare. I knew
I should have bought everything from Karumba.
John is pleased his motto is less is best, but
a dining room suite would be nice!
Anyway I'll try and get on again before I pack it
all up. Otherwise I will try and update it all
when I am in Rocky the week of the 16th.


Kim said...

Hi Kristy! I know you're moving but just wanted to let you know I've tagged you! Details are on my blog. Good luck with the big move!!!

CraftyNess said...

HI Kristy

It must be goig around because I have also tagged you. Here are the rules

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