Saturday, 5 January 2008


I know it's been a long time between blogs,
but we are in chaos here at the moment,
with constant torrential rain and trying to
pack and shift. The computer gets packed up
on Wednesday coming and then I won't have
connection to the internet for almost a month.
Withdrawels I know.......
We went to Darwin for xmas and had a few
days break. Caught up with friends we haven't
seen for about 11 years which was great.
One of them, Margaret cooked us a beutiful
xmas lunch. If you are reading this thanks
again Margaret. Better than the ham sandwiches
we were going to get.
John had about 4 days fishing and
I windowshopped with friends, which
was madness as you can imagine the
people in the shops at that time
of year.
My husband gave me a 1/2 day spa pass
for xmas which was beutiful.
I had a hydrobath and a full body
massage and a facial and a manicure
it was so nice, and I felt so spoilt.
Came back and packed the cars to head
out to Hodgson for a few days
but then couldn't go as the creeks
were all over. So more packing here!

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