Sunday, 24 August 2008

Govies present.

Well the weather here has been really weird. Mostly cold and windy, with
big gusts of our lovely red dirt swirling through everything. But at the
moment their is a lot of dark cloud around and it ranges from windy
and cold, to warm and muggy, you find yourself putting jumpers on and
off all day. Some rain would be great to settle the dust and put some
water in the holes, the only drawback is we have around 7 different contractors
here on graders and dozers and fencing, so if it rains they all come to a
stop, so it's a bit of a catch 22.

We went to Katherine on Friday to pick Jay up off the bus. He had been
at a fitness camp all week in Batchelor for School of the Air, he had a ball,
especially as his mother and the govie didn't accompany him! John and I
had doctor's check ups and the usual running all over town picking things
up for the station, that you spend the whole day flat. The town is still
teeming with tourists and by the time we were finished we were just
dying to get out of there.
I've been meaning to post a picture of this
for quite sometime, even though the shots aren't that great
you will get the general idea. It is a writing set
that I made for our governess for her birthday in May.
I go the original idea from the blog of Michelle Wooderson
Michelle does beautiful work and has quite a lot of writing
sets throughout her examples on her blog.

My governess loves writing letters and usually sends out
6 to 10 a week on the mail plane. So I thought what a great
gift for her. The box above was an old teabag box that
I covered then I made the notes and envelopes to fit inside.

Now if you haven't gathered yet, Lyn loves butterflies and the colour purple,
so of course I had to incorporate both! The DP is K and Company that I have
had for many years. The writing was done on the computer and the L was
stamped with the SU Wild West Alphabet. The envelope was stamped
with images from the SU Garden Whimsey set. I did 10 up to put inside.
Needless to say she loved it, but she said the only problem with it is
she is finding it very hard to use as she thinks it's to pretty!

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