Sunday, 24 August 2008

Latest photos of Hodgson from the air.

Fiona went up in the chopper and took these photos for me in July. Here is a
front view of the house. My little patch of grass is a little bigger and greener
at the moment. We are slowly getting there.

As you can see from the shots we have a few extra things since the last lot
of photos were shown. The generator shed is off to the far right. There is
a 5 bed donga put in, and an outdoor men's kitchen with firepit. The house
and garden shed weren't in the last lot of photos. You can also see in some of
the photos the saddle shed and horse yards that John and the boys built over
the wet. We're getting there.

Hope my friends read this and next time they whinge at me about dusting,
I'll just have to tell them to get on here and have a look.
LOL! You wanna tell
me about dust!

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