Sunday, 24 August 2008

This is how we get our meat!

No going in and buying packaged meat off the shelves for us.

We have to go out and select a beast. Which is then slaughtered
and cut up on the ground out in the paddock. They use the hide
underneath to keep the meat clean and cut the beast into
large pieces (sides). It is then bought back to the station
(usually on a bed of leaves in the back of a ute)
and hung overnight so it stops bleeding and the meat gets
easier to cut up. We just hang it like this at the moment
but will build what we call a butcher shop over the wet.
This will just be a building with stainless steel benches
and a bandsaw, mincer and sausage maker.
After we let the meat set, the next morning we cut and
slice it up into bags, eg, fillet, topside, rump, roasts etc.
It's a fairly big job, and with the amount of staff at the
moment, we usually have to do 1 sometimes 2 a week.

John and Tim sharing a joke while hanging meat.
My husband John hanging meat.

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