Tuesday, 4 November 2008

NLC Award Night/

Well as I mentioned last week, we headed off to Darwin for the NLC
Award Nights. We went up the afternoon before as we wanted/needed
a full day to get jobs done. I got my hair cut as well which was a treat.
When we got up there Tuesday afternoon we had missed lunch, so thought
we would see if we could grab something at the poolside bar. The only thing
we could get was some nuts, so of course we had to have a couple of drinks
with them. Now being that we cannot drink at the station, it has been
sometime since we have both had anything, so after John having a couple
of beers, and myself having a couple of cruisers, we were legless in no
time. (not quite, but we are now what you call cheap drunks, as only
takes a couple to get a buzz) on top of that we were both pretty
buggered, so we went up to the room and slept for a solid 4 hours
before going to grab something to eat, then heading back to bed.

We so needed it.

Well we had a win in our categories, and the 2 birds up above is
what we won. Aren't they great!

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