Saturday, 29 November 2008

What should I take?

We are heading off to Dundee Beach next week for 2 weeks, of much
craved rest. Dundee Beach is south west of Darwin and is so lovely
and fairly untouched. We have a block there but nothing on it yet
so we have booked a beach house for 2 weeks.

We are just going to relax, relax and relax some more.

John who is fishing mad is taking his boat and the boy's have
heaps of DVD's packed and the house has a pool.

I told John I was taking some stamping stuff, so I too could play
while I was away. You should have seen the look on his face and
the groan that came out of him. The cheek!!
Maybe I'll just fill his boat up with my stamping gear to travel. LOL!

I would love to hear what everyone else feels they just have to take
rum, vodka.........just joking........(stamping gear that is).

What would you take, what couldn't you live without if you had to
make cards on a limited supply?


Mel Hanlon said...

Ooh, I think (besides the stamping gear, of course) that chocolate, lollies and a good book or two are the items I would take!

Jean said...

Kristy, have a wonderful couple of weeks away - just doing the things you love to do! We can never get away together while we still have this place but I am ducking off for a nephew's wedding next weekend, That will be a nice break. I know it is hard to think what stamping gear to take and rest assured, you will always leave something you want at home!!

Chantelle said...

Enjoy your two weeks away. Sounds like it's going to be a great break - nice and peaceful. As for stampin' goodies to take, that's a hard one. Maybe just with a few sets and then have lots of inks and cardstock and DP. Can always add embellishments latter. Take care and have fun.

Debbie M said...

Other than the scotch, cruisers etc I have heard that some take stamped images that need colouring and colour them while they are away - I like that idea

Ps: check out my blog - I have given you an award.

Debbie M

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy - I think you should definately take the vodka (except I wont be there to help you drink it).
Hope you, JOhn & the kids have a fab time!
Make sure you take a DVD for John too (you know what I mean)
Love you & miss you lots & lots
Fi xxxoooxxx

intelligence said...