Sunday, 26 April 2009

Here is the photo hopefully!

Well at last here is all of the views of the card. I spent over 3 very
frustrating hours last night, just to get the bottom shot loaded in
time for the closing of the Stamp With Us challenge and I just
made it! What is going on! Every time I try uploading a picture
to blogger to put on my blog the internet drops out. Anyway I
have just spent another couple of hours loading these 2 photo's
of the finished card on.
The first is the close up of the cake icing and shows how I embossed
the flowers from the Always heart onto the icing of the cake, and
added a pearl for a cherry on top!

The second is a side view to show the ribbon and the layering and how
the card which the cake is on and the cake itself is raised.

And the last photo is the one that finally loaded last night. Whew!
This is a front view of the card and all the details are in the post
below. The cake the SWUS girls used for the challenge looked so
rich and delicous, and so made me want to go and whip some up.
But alas it was a very busy week and I didn't have time. HA HA!
Seriously, doesn't it just make your mouth drawl..............
Any way I wanted to keep with the essence of the challenge,
by using the cake, using choc chip and by giving it a rich feel.
Even though this was last minute (that will teach me) I love how
the cake Whoops! I mean card has turned out.


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