Friday, 8 May 2009

Swaps, swaps and more swaps.............

Sorry for my absence I have been so busy with work that I just
haven't had the time to blog and I've got to be honest that by the
time I get off the computer at work the last thing I feel like doing
is jumping on it again when I get home.
I have been involved in 3 swaps lately which is another reason why
I haven't been blogging on a regular basis, but have now completed
them all so hopefully I can get a few more blogs in through the week.
This is the first blog I played in and I had to make 15 of these cards.
I was really a glutten for punishment with picking this card. I made this
card late last year, and the theme of the swap was make a pop up card,
spiral card, slide card etc, in other words a card that does something.
You can see my original card here.

Above and below shows the amount of cutting out I had to do.............aargh!

And here are the finished cards. I was so glad to get them in the envelopes
and off to everyone. The swaps I have received have been great and it is
terrific to get so many new ideas. There are so many clever people out

Just want to point out that my original card was using DSP, of which I did
not have enough to do all of these cards, so all of the backgrounds were done
using stamps, mainly canvas background and the little flower dot thingy from
Boho Backgrounds. The main stamp set used was The Time Well Spent gift
set we received from SU.
Hope all enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed receiving everyone else's.

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