Sunday, 19 July 2009

Age Champion

I am such a bad mother. I just realised I forgot to post about Jay's school
sports day. My baby won the age champion for his age group. Not only that
his house also won the carnival. He was walking around for hours with the
biggest smile on his face. He even had to wear his medals and ribbons around
the shopping centre later, and had everyone pulling him up asking what he got
them for. No shame my boy. With the 2 medals clanking together, it sounded
like a cow with it's bell on following me around the aisles. LOL
It was a great day, but so hot! The school wizzeed the kids through the events
and had it all done and dusted by lunch, which is good because it was so hot and
also cause so many families had so many hours to get home, we only had 3hrs
as we headed up to Darwin for a few days. Picked up Todd off the plane, did
the movies, I think the boys did every junk food place in town, (bad mum
again, I know, but since we live out bush it usually only happens about 3
times a year), we also visited the new waterpark in Darwin, which is fantastic,
it has all sorts of amusements with water, including a couple of huge water
slides and the whole lot is free, supplied by the City Council. They have
picnic areas and bbq's, it really is great. I just enjoyed not seeing the kids
(I saw them in the distance) for a couple of hours and stretched out on a
towel and had a read. A friend was good enough to let us stay in her
house as she was away, which included a pool. The kids had a ball, and
I spent too much money.............

Now back to the sports carnival. I was so busy watching it all I kept
forgetting to take photo's, but I did get the high jump which Jay, I think
jumped a metre 15. He won every event except the 400 and 800 which
he didn't go in as his knee was aching. Well done Jay, especially for having
a go!

This first picture I love...............

He is so used to having his hat on that he forgot to take it off!

Up and Over.

Look at that concentration!

The winning jump! (just I think)

Being presented with his medal.
7 Blue Ribbons, Age Champion Medal, Winning House Medal.
Well done!

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