Friday, 22 January 2010

Finally a card.

Well as explained in an earlier post my sister was visiting over the xmas
New Year period, and in between madly chasing kids, cooking meals and
generally constantly cleaning up we tried to get some cards made, actually
we got quite a few made, I can't remember how many but it was close to 30!

Now I have to admit we cheated on quite a few as Emma fell in love with some]
of my cards that I had received in some of my 2009 swaps so we used those
to copy so she could whip up her collection of cards for the year.

What we originally decided to do was start at the A stamps in my SU
collection and work our way through.

Mmmm well we were going on a pretty good roll and it was exciting to
try and think of something with each set and we were FAST running out
of time. We got up to I think the E's which was pretty good, but realised we
were just not going to do it, so Emma decided which birthdays she had
coming up and we created to those.

One day I will finish off going through them, my trouble is I keep getting
new sets, but maybe it should be part of my new year resolution to make
a card each week from the next in line in the alphabetical stamp list.

Anyway here is one we made using the set By Land which is not available
anymore. Now I have to admit I bought this set 2 years ago, as having
2 boys it really appealed to me (even though they are probably a bit
old for this set) and I had Never used it (hangs head in shame), now
don't get me wrong I didn't forget about it and it was always in the
back of my mind, but I had New stamps that I just had to use, so
while we were on the alphabet stamp run, I finally got to use this

It is so cute. I really love this card, I just wished I hadn't gone around the
windows with the black pen, but I will know for next time.
The card was made on white card using the DP Jersey Shore which was in last
years catalogue. The colours used was pumpkin pie, brilliant blue and old olive.
The ribbon was navy which we stapled at both ends, I also used a wheel for the
tyre tracks which I can't recall what it is called (rough edges I think). I also
used the little star punch.
We sort of did the major bit like the vehicles and the bottom then sat there
thinking it needs something else, hence the happy birthday down the bottom
and I just couldn't help myself the corner up the top looked lonely.
The top happy birthday was using the stamp from the Big Bold Birthday set
and the happy birthday down the bottow was using a stampworld stamp.

Close up of the Happy Birthday down the bottom, showing that it was raised.
So my consince is clear I have finally posted a card, now back to work and
the major cleaning I have been giving my house!
Have a great day!
Kristy x0

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Natasha said...

What a great idea going through you stamp sets alaphabetically. I also have more than a few sets that are yet to see ink..... Last year I vowed to make at least one project with each set I received before I filed it away - it worked to some degree!!

Glad to hear all is well. We're in the Red Centre now - missing the Wet though.

Looking forward to your new creations!