Saturday, 16 January 2010

A quick hello.

You know it has really been playing on my mind that it has been quite some time between blogs, but after I decided to have an afternoon of surfing blogs that I looked at on a regular basis in the past, I noticed I'm not the only one. What is it are we all burnt out from christmas, are you cardmakers just not getting the mojo at the moment or is everyone just to darned busy.

I think the biggest thing is kids on school holidays, you know those kids sure do take a big chunk out of your day, not only do you have to clean up after them you also have to feed them, wash there clothes and sometimes even talk to them. LOL no just joking I love talking to my kids.

I have 3 boys in my house at the moment, 4 counting my husband. Terestorone city! It's good when it's not raining but when it's drizzling they are all inside, so you have the tv blaring, the xbox in the bedroom blaring and the electric guitars blaring, then EAT can you imagine what a 12 year old a 13 year old a 16 year old and a 40 something old male can get through. Being remote I usually shop once a month, and being remote and wet season I usually don't have a shop for about 3 months, unless someone goes to town and we catch up on a few supplies.

I used to love cooking but these days it just feels like such a chore, and John has a lot of trouble with gluten products so your pretty limited to what you make. Things just don't look the same made from the gluten free flour.

We are madly trying to budget so we can get a few extra things going on the block, and John is trying to talk me into a new boat, so the SS site is getting a bashing from me lately and I am slowly putting together a home journal, lets hope I can stick to it.

Christmas was great, I was really slack and got no cards out to anyone this year, so my apologies to all, (I think I better start doing them now for next year). I had my mother and brother, my sister and her fiance and their littly one year old girl.

It was great having them here, I know from in the past even if you cook up a big xmas lunch and set it all up, if it's just you guys, really it feels like any other day. So it was really lovely to have them all here.

The boys spent before xmas and after xmas at the block at Dundee Beach, didn't do that well before xmas as there was a cyclone brewing off the coast, so didn't catch any fish much to speak of but they did bring home some beautiful big mud crabs, which we had with prawns on christmas eve. Yummo they were so nice. My georgous husband was kind enough to let all the ladies have the claws.
Anyway they went back up a couple of days after xmas and cleaned up big time. They had a ball. They spent New Years up there and us well lets just say being a dry camp (no alcohol allowed) we didn't see the New Year in. Not that I'm saying you need alcohol, but come on it does make it all seem a lot festive that NA wine just doesn't do the trick. Emma and I did stretch it to 11 making cards, but just couldn't quite do it. I had the one year old sleeping in with me and those wake ups at maybe 1 am and 5am just don't come as easy any more.

I loved having my niece here and oh what a character, she certainly keeps you on your toes, and all I can say is god help Emma when she has her next one in May! She has the best set of lungs I have ever heard on a child. Any cluckiness I felt at the beginning I soon got over it. Don't get me wrong she is a great baby, eats nearly everything, goes straight to sleep as soon as you put her in her cot, yadda yadda yadda. BUT I forgot how much work they are, all the no's don't touch, and the get downs and get out of those, I do not miss so I think I'll stick to being an Aunt.

So that's pretty well it for now. With all the travelling and xmas we have to get our heads down and bums up and get some pretty serious saving done. I have heaps of cards to show that Emma and I made over the holidays and I am seriously going to try and make a bit more time for myself this year, more craft time, more exercise time, more me time. This job certainly eats away at your life and I think John and I need to take more time for ourselves, will be hard with John as he is a workaholic, but hopefully with a couple of extra staff we have this year we will find the time.

So my plans for this year -

*More exercise - sigh.
*More craft time - keep your eye out for more cards and this year I want to get a lot more sewing done.
*More time spent with my husband and kids, camping and fishing.
*Another holiday somewhere - this will probably be next year.
*More self sufficincy - get my vegie garden growing, talk my husband into building me a chook pen, keep the bikky barrell full and know what I am going to cook for tea a couple of days ahead instead of an hour before hand lol, I used to do a big once a month cooking and now we are getting so busy at work with all of the training I think I need to get my bum out and start doing this again, keep the house clean (groan, never ending) not just a yeah it doesn't look to bad clean, but a deep clean so you can keep on top of it (which is real hard in summer here with the red dust) and on top of that do my job and to do this I so need to get myself better organised.

So that's my year ahead, so now I've finally got back on here keep an eye out, I'm finally going to post some of those shots from America on here (I have loaded a few on my facebook) and I have lot's of fishing shots to put up and then there is all those cards my sister and I got done over the xmas period.

So Austa La Vista Baby!

Kristy xo

So that's my plans or I spose you could call them New Year resolutions.

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