Sunday, 28 February 2010

America - Disneyland

Main Street Disneyland

You know I am really kicking myself that I didn't take more photos, I
lugged my big camera case around Disneyland all day and took a total
of about 4 photos, it was such a pain to pull in and out and I think we
were just too busy looking at everything. I think if I did this again I
would throw a little quickie camera in my hand bag. The second day
to Disneyland we didn't even take it. This place is huge and all day
we kept thinking, wouldn't the boys love this. It really is a place for
all ages, but I think kids from around 8 up would enjoy it the most.
I have never seen so many prams in my life, they have these
parking lots for prams, like a car parking lot, in certain areas
around the park, so if you want to dump the pram for a while
and take the little one on a few rides you put it in this parking
lot. I think they have a chain on them and you have to put a
code in to unlock it, but each lot had 100's and 100's of prams
you had to see it. (another photo shot missed!)

Food wise, there is lots to pick from, but it is really hard to find a
healthy feed, the food over there is actually quite weird and there
seems to be a lot of deep fried stuff. Breakfasts really got me, they
were really quite gross, and it's really hard to just get a piece of
fresh fruit. They can keep their biscuits and grits. Biscuits is
just like a dried up old scone and grits is dried up old sausage
mince cooked with a flour gravy, similar to what you have in
lasagne but less the cheese. A couple of places we stayed had
beautiful breakfasts, like the place we stayed in Waco. But the
rest were ho hum. But if it is part of your accommodation
deal and is free, maybe it's not so bad. Donuts for breakfast.........

Mmmm somewhere in Disneyland, Fi if you are reading this and you remember flick me a line, or any of you other Disneylandions. We had a great couple of days at Disneyland and Anaheim, must say being adults I think we enjoyed the California Dreamin side of Disneyland rather than the other, that roller coaster was wicked!


Fi snickers at this shot, as the one after

it was taken after I was sick on the

ferris wheel - I was green!

(Come on don't be like that, this ferris wheel rocked as well!)

Um, well at least it wasn't the teacups I was getting sick on hey John......


Fiona said...

You were green - very green but remember "son't spew on your mickey mouse ears"

Kristy Geddes said...

"son't" hey.
Only 4pm how many vodka's have you already had?