Saturday, 27 February 2010

Fishing at Roper Bar 2008

Jay with a beautiful Barra.
After loading the photos for the Roper Bar post earlier in the day I
remembered I had some shots that John had taken saved on the computer,
so I thought I would show you what we have caught at the Roper in
previous years. This was I think Easter 2008.
Jay with a Swordfish

John with another great Barra
Barra caught at night

Todd with a barra caught off the crossing.

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gail said...

Great to see all the pics Kristy. My husband was very impressed with the fishing. He absolutely loves fishing and heads down to the beach or to the lake a couple of afternoons a week. Of course we fish by tides so it is a little different and our fish are smaller than those beauties in your shots, but we always have a good supply now in our freezer. Judy and Ray seem to be settling in well and I'm sure you will all have some fun times. I am looking forward to getting Judy's letter as they are always so informative and newsy. It has been so good to look back through your older posts and see how it all was at the very beginning and the way you and John have established such an incredible establishment. You both must be very proud of your achievements. Will you be staying on the property indefinitely or are contracted for a certain number of years. I imagine it would be so hard to walk away from all that you have done. Looking forward to your next post.