Saturday, 27 February 2010

Our trip to America

Well I've been meaning to post some pictures of our holiday in America
for quite some time, and will try and get some done over the next few
Here is the 4 of us just going through to the international airport in Brisbane
John, myself, Fiona and Paul

Here's Fi and I in our plane seats just about to take off. Smiling here but a different story a few hours later. I had the most horrible man sitting in front of me on the Qantas flight to LA. He and his wife had 4 seats to chose from and of course he chose the one in front of me that happened to be broken and would not stay upright, what I mean is it was past the lay back point and further back then normal so the man was literally laying in my lap. I asked him if he would mind pushing his chair forward or moving to the one beside it and he refused. What an as%$*&e! After about 4 hours I'd had enough so I got up and sat in the seat beside him and pretended to fall asleep and just happened to lean and fall in his direction. He was so pissed off. ROFL. Apart from one other fella we were seated with on an AA flight, every one else we met were really lovely.

Here's John, Fiona and Paul just about to enter the gates to the happiest place in the world (that would be Disneyland for all of you that were wondering)! Now as you can se Fi was very excited, John was ho hum and Paul, well Paul was excited on the inside.....

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