Thursday, 25 February 2010

Roper Bar

A couple of weekends ago we thought we would go down to Roper Bar to
see what level it was at and have a bit of a flick. It's really pretty down
there, except for the fish carcases everywhere. What is the matter with
people that they have to fillet a fish then just drop the carcase right there
where everyone sits and camps etc, etc. Just walk a little distance and
throw it out in the bushes where no one sits, imagine all the ants they
bring in and the flys.
Anyway I've had my little rant. As I was saying it's a pretty spot and
even though we didn't catch anything (I had a couple of great strikes)
we had a really nice afternoon. We took Judy (the new cook) and Ray
her husband and Cyndi (the new governess) down for a look and I
think they were all pretty rapt in it.
The photo above is John and Jay having a flick.

John and Jay again on the crossing and the one below shows "all of the
people that where there when we first arrived". When it is about this level
is a pretty good time to fish it. We have had some good rain this week so I
would say it will be a month or so when it will be ready to fish again as the
crossing will be to high.

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