Thursday, 25 February 2010

History in the making......

Had to take a photo of this as it is Hodgson History in the making. We had
the first lot of cattle through the new yards a couple of weeks ago, so when
the chopper finished yarding up I thought I'd grab the oppurtunity to go up
and get some shots.
John spent hours designing this yard and drawing it all up. We had Taylor's
contracting come in and build it and it was all finished about October last
year, all we had left to do was run the water from the station across.
Well I gotta say all were rapt in it, the cattle yarded really well and
everyone said that the cattle ran through the yards without a problem.

Here is a close up.

Here's Levi on top of the 5 way draft. Takes a bit of getting used to but

it makes things so much quicker when you haven't got cows chasing you

up the fence all the time.

So that's the new Hodgson yard full of cattle, I think back in my blog I

posted a shot from the air when they were just finished (I'll have to go

back and look) but the difference in the country between then and now

is so different, it is great what a bit of rain does.

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