Thursday, 25 February 2010

The school room.

I promised my sister that I would post a picture of the curtains and
cushions for the school room. When they were here in December
we gave it a big clean out, before the new governess started.
We pulled absolutly everything out of the room. You wouldn't believe
the things we found behind stuff in there. Dead frog's, spiders
and lots and lots of dust.
We scrubbed the walls and the floors, I actually mopped the floor
6 times and the water was still coming up dirty. The stainless
steel sinks in there were disgusting and with a bit of elbow
grease over 2 days I got them up sparkling, they actually
looked brand new. It goes to show if your willing to put a
bit of work in and have a bit of pride in your home/work
place how great you can have it looking.
We pulled the 2 long trellis tables out that were in there
and put together 3 trapezium tables, 2 for the 3 kids and
one for the tutor. We shifted the computer (we have 2 now)
onto the high bench and put some old stools in there.
I grabbed some really colourful fabric to brighten the room up
and made some curtains and some cushions for the stools.
The difference in this room is unbelievable and I am so
dissapointed we didn't take some before and after shots.

This is not the biggest room, it is actually an ex laundry/ablution block
for a caravan park. I think it's about 3 x 3. I finally talked John into
puttting the school room into here as the only other option was our house
and I really didn't want everyone traipsing in and out of the house,
especially if there was a chance of other kids being taught in the school
room (which happened this year) so I really didn'twant it in the house.
So with 3 kids and 1 teacher it is a tight fit, but everyone makes it work
which when you live on a station is part of life - making it work with
what you've got!

Do you like the red tin on the table. It's great I got it from Spotlight
and I think it's actually for bbq's to put your cutlery etc in. Pencils fit
in a couple, felts in a couple, then one holds pens, pencils etc, one holds
rulers, scissors and glue stick and the last one I bent a cardboard piece
and put in so it's raised and the rubbers are in there where they can
easily get to them. I think next trip to Darwin I need to grab a couple
for my craft room.....
Anyway enough of my dribbling on, hope everyone has a great day!
Soon to be a wet one here.

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